We believe in full transparency when it comes to our products and materials. All our structures are built from the finest grade steel, aluminium and other high-quality materials.

We want our sheds to last for years to come and that’s why we work with manufacturers who offer some of the most durable products and the best warranties in the industry.

When you order a shed from us, you will get something that is customised to your specific purpose and that will stand the test of time with little or no maintenance on your part.

Review our product resources and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Colour Chart

Colorbond has become synonymous with durability and weather resistance and for good reason.

Their colours are stylish and on trend. They are also made to withstand even the ... Read more
BlueScope Steel


Aside from the wide range of colours available, we also have a number of sheeting options, each of which has it’s own advantages. Choose your favourite based on visual appeal, price point and durability. We offer the ... Read more

ShedTech & Shed Alliance

We've joined with Shed Alliance to bring you the best industry prices and service in the shed market today. Many other companies and franchises have to pay exorbitant fees, which means much more expensive sheds for the end user.  Read more